Tspices Kitchen: A Path from College Grad to Full-Time Nigerian Food Blogger

Mariyam Shamshidova

Published in BlogJun 15, 2023

“Welcome to the third installment in our series spotlighting the creators behind the courses on WeFranch. Today, we delve into the world of flavorful Nigerian cuisine as we introduce the charismatic powerhouse behind TSpices Kitchen - Tosin.

Tosin Samuel, a food content creator, recipe developer, author, and founder of Tspices Kitchen. Tosin Samuel, a food content creator, recipe developer, author, and founder of Tspices Kitchen.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Abuja, Nigeria, Tosin is a remarkable content creator and recipe developer. Four years ago, she began her culinary journey as a young woman who loved food but realized that her cooking repertoire was limited. Her initial foray into cooking was spurred by an earnest question: “What will I feed my husband? Because I don’t want to make the same meals all the time.”

Tosin’s journey with TSpices Kitchen truly started from a place of humble beginnings. At the time, she didn’t have a formal job and worked as an assistant in a ministry. Her initial steps into food blogging were simple: she took a picture of a meal she had cooked and posted it online. Then she posted another and another. Slowly but surely, people started taking notice. What started as a personal endeavor began to evolve into a full-blown career.

An example of Tspices Kitchen vibrant visualsAn example of Tspices Kitchen vibrant visuals

“I wanted to bring my twist to the recipes,” Tosin says, reflecting on her unique approach to traditional Nigerian cuisine. Her vivid and enticing food photographs didn’t just appeal to the viewer’s senses and provided a step-by-step guide, enabling them to recreate these meals in their kitchens.

Tosin sees the internet as a powerful tool for storytelling. Each photograph of her sumptuous meals tells a tale of her roots, the rich Nigerian food culture, and her journey. The next logical step was filming cooking videos. So, she set up her camera at home and started recording her cooking process, further simplifying the seemingly complex Nigerian dishes for her audience.

Tosin's recipe book on Nigerian cookingTosin’s recipe book on Nigerian cooking

Seeing the impact and interest she was garnering, Tosin decided to take the plunge and do this full-time. She noted a lack of Nigerian food bloggers online and saw an opportunity to fill this void while simultaneously fulfilling her mission - making Nigerian cuisine easy and accessible to all.

Tosin’s story is a testament to the power of passion and persistence. From posting her first picture to running a full-fledged food blog, she has remained dedicated to showcasing Nigerian cuisine and its cultural richness, one recipe at a time. Through TSpices Kitchen, she continues to whet global appetites for Nigerian food, enriching the world’s palate one dish at a time.

An example of Tspices Kitchen's simple and easy-to-follow recipeAn example of Tspices Kitchen’s simple and easy-to-follow recipe

For the uninitiated: Nigerian food is rich, and yes, it can be spicy. In Nigeria, fresh ingredients reign supreme, with each meal bursting with the goodness of wholesome vegetables and natural spices. Picture a plate full of color, fragrance, and an invigorating combination of tastes that will surprise and delight your palate. Nigerian cuisine is a vibrant and flavorsome world waiting to be explored. Imagine dishes filled with bold spices that tantalize the senses, promising a culinary adventure with each bite.

Tosin’s journey on social media has been nothing short of remarkable. The secret to her success? Consistency and relatability. Tosin commits to showing up on her platforms at least once a day, sharing her recipes and a side of her that her audience can connect with. Her quirky and authentic persona shines through her content, allowing her to build a genuine rapport with her followers.

Tosin follows a carefully crafted schedule daily, cooking, shooting videos, and engaging with her followers. But it’s more than just a daily routine; she has built a vibrant community around TSpices Kitchen. As a recipe book author, she has been featured in Nigerian magazines, partnered with brands, and even hosted cooking classes.

Feedback from her community confirms that her approach is resonating. “Your content is so easy to follow,” they say. “You make cooking easy.” Indeed, Tosin’s mission of making Nigerian cooking easy has found its perfect platform on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Her primary audience consists of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora; many appreciate the reminder of how to make their traditional meals. Yet Tosin’s charm and engaging content have a universal appeal, drawing in anyone interested in exploring Nigerian cuisine. The result? An inclusive, welcoming space where Nigerian cooking truly is made easy.

"My mission is to simplify recipes and simplify cooking." “My mission is to simplify recipes and simplify cooking.”

In her “Mastering 8 Foundational Nigerian Dishes with Tspices Kitchen” on WeFranch , Tosin equips learners with the skills to prepare eight signature Nigerian dishes. The course, perfect for beginners and those who’ve lost touch with their Nigerian cooking roots, offers more than recipes. Tosin shares cooking secrets, guidance on meal presentation, and suggestions for ingredient replacements making it easier for those living abroad. Emphasizing practice, detailed instruction, and adapting meals to personal preferences, Tosin’s course transforms learners into confident home cooks.

Written byMariyam Shamshidova

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