The MUMBO Prospector for Franchisors

Jul 8, 2024

The Rise of MUMBO

“Being the first franchisee in the system doesn’t faze Suria, who noted his company operates hundreds of Verge Mobile stores as a T-Mobile franchisee” Raheel Suria for Franchise Times

Existing franchisees of similar concepts are strong leads for a new concept. This phenomenon has been happening for a while, and it’s called MUMBO(multi-unit, multi-brand operators).

Well capitalized, and operationally experienced, these prospects are promising leads for franchisors. With an established presence in the local communities, these franchise owners are looking to expand their portfolios. By strategically expanding their ventures, these operators can tap into diverse markets and enhance the overall resilience and profitability of their business enterprises.

The Traditional Way: How FSOs Operate

Traditionally, franchisors have relied on a manual, network-based approach to reach multi-unit, multi-brand operators. FSO (franchise sales org) teams have long depended on their established connections, often built over decades, to identify and engage potential franchisees. This method heavily relies on brokers’ existing relationships within the franchising community.

While this approach may work for well-established brands with extensive networks, it poses significant challenges for emerging franchisors or in-house sales teams. The lack of scalability in this manual process makes it particularly difficult for newer players in the franchise market to effectively target and connect with experienced operators, limiting their growth opportunities.

A franchise dev announcing a multi-brand dealA franchise dev announcing a multi-brand deal

The Software Way: MUMBO Prospecting Tool

We looked at the traditional franchise prospecting approach and thought we could do it better with software. Our solution starts with a comprehensive database of over 170,000 franchise owners, coupled with smart filtering capabilities. This allows our users to search for potential franchisees based on criteria like existing brands, location, and background – all at the click of a button.

We also integrated direct communication features into MUMBO, enabling users to reach out to prospects without leaving the platform. Additionally, the tool tracks response rates and helps users refine their approach over time. In essence, we’ve created a one-stop-shop for franchise growth, making it easier for both emerging and established franchisors to expand their brands efficiently and effectively.

The MUMBO prospector targets experiened operators building franchise portfoliosThe MUMBO prospector targets experiened operators building franchise portfolios

The Process:

Our franchise campaign aims to attract qualified prospects to apply to your franchise. When a lead comes in, you’ll get an email notification and can access all leads through your Wefranch CRM.

We craft these campaigns by combining targeted audience selection, compelling messaging, well-designed emails, and strategic follow-ups, while continuously testing and refining each element through ongoing analysis and A/B testing. This data-driven approach ensures we’re constantly improving how we present your franchise opportunity to potential multi-unit, multi-brand operators, ultimately connecting you with the right people to grow your brand in the most efficient way possible.

Here are the steps for launching a campaign:

Step 1: Launch the Prospector ToolStep 1: Launch the Prospector Tool

Step 2: Pick your target audience based on filtersStep 2: Pick your target audience based on filters

Step 3: Build your email campaignStep 3: Build your email campaign

Step 4: Control the campaign to make it effectiveStep 4: Control the campaign to make it effective

Step 5: Analyze the campaign's performanceStep 5: Analyze the campaign’s performance

We test multiple campaign factors like email content, design, audience targeting, and timing. Our team guides you through this process, starting with broad outreach and refining based on response data. This approach helps us pinpoint the most effective strategies to attract qualified franchise prospects to your brand.

Final Words:

“Taco John’s is a brand on the upswing. Or so believes Dara Dejbakhsh. With an objective to diversify and a desire to get into the Mexican quick-service segment, the 22-unit Dairy Queen franchisee said Taco John’s has a strong growth initiative underway.” Dara Dejbakhsh

The MUMBO Prospecting Tool is our way of bringing the franchise world into the digital age. We’ve taken the process of networking and cold calls and supercharged it with technology. It’s like having a seasoned franchise broker on your in-house development team, but all through software.

We’ve made it easier than ever to connect with those franchisees who are already killing it in the industry and might be looking for their next big opportunity. By bringing this whole process online, we’re leveling the playing field and giving everyone a shot at finding their perfect franchise match. Welcome to the future of franchise sales - it’s faster, smarter, and a whole lot more exciting.

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