Green Bowl: A Healthy, Plant-Focused Revolution Led by Chinedu Ikpechukwu

Mariyam Shamshidova

Published in BlogJul 24, 2023

In the heart of Abuja, Nigeria, a revolution in healthy, plant-focused eating is taking shape. Under the visionary leadership of Chinedu Ikpechukwu, Green Bowl is transforming the food scene for busy and health-conscious millennials.

Chinedu Ikpechukwu: A Food Scientist at Heart

Chinedu isn’t just a savvy business leader; he’s a food scientist at heart. His academic background and passion for product development play a pivotal role in Green Bowl’s success. Chinedu leverages his food science knowledge and culinary instincts to craft innovative menu items that combine locally sourced plant ingredients and exotic Nigerian spices to deliver an unforgettable culinary experience.

Chinedu, the mastermind behind Green BowlChinedu, the mastermind behind Green Bowl

A Solution to the Nigerian Problem

Green Bowl was born out of the recognition of a glaring problem: Nigerians were not consuming enough vegetables in their diet. “The average Nigerian diet tends to be starch-heavy and slow,” Chinedu notes. “With a growing economy and a rising middle class, there was an increased desire for lighter, convenience foods which typically resulted in increased consumption of fast foods and refined food products,” Chinedu observed that there was a significant gap when it came to fresh, affordable, and convenient meals. This is where Green Bowl comes in, bridging this gap with its unique, plant-focused offerings.

The unique clean food offering is taking the market by storm: Green Bowl is often forced to decline ordersThe unique clean food offering is taking the market by storm: Green Bowl is often forced to decline orders

Green Bowl also offers a solution for those who don’t have time to prep and cook. As more Nigerians are becoming health conscious, they are willing to pay a little extra for healthier, convenient options. Green Bowl delivers tasty meals made with an emphasis on plant ingredients including whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and herbs.

“Our menu emphasizes plant ingredients while still offering a variety of lean protein options for our customers,” Chinedu says. Green Bowl’s unique menu also combines underutilized, locally sourced, plant ingredients like fonio and breadfruit seeds, with, other nutritious plant ingredients uncommon to the typical Nigerian diet such as quinoa, chickpeas, tofu, and cauliflower rice.

The Vision and Success of Green Bowl

Since its launch in 2020, Green Bowl has been steadfast in its mission to provide ready-to-eat, plant-focused meals. This mission has resonated with customers, leading to impressive growth. With a team of three, Green Bowl has sold over 2000 bowls and generated more than 6 million Nigerian nairas in revenue. These figures are a testament to the strength of Chinedu’s vision, but the numbers tell only part of the story.

One of the many positive reviews from devoted Green Bowl customersOne of the many positive reviews from devoted Green Bowl customers

Green Bowl has won the hearts of a diverse customer base, ranging from Gen Z to Boomers. Regardless of their age, these customers crave the unique taste of Green Bowl meals, a testament to Chinedu’s culinary interests and his passion for food science. This has resulted in a higher than-industry average customer retention rate of 49%, further demonstrating the brand’s appeal.

The Unique Green Bowl Offering

Green Bowl’s offerings go beyond the plate. The business started out as a ghost kitchen operating without a storefront, where pre-orders were received online, executed, and delivered to customers. This model however was unable to sustain the demand for fresh, convenient meals with Green Bowl receiving up to 20 orders a day and operating with a tiny staff strength of 3 including a chef and kitchen aisle. Chinedu has thus set his sights on setting up a storefront and franchising the Green Bowl concept as a way to scale quickly within Nigeria and globally.

Sneak peek from cooking Cauliflower RiceSneak peek from cooking Cauliflower Rice

Green Bowl currently offers signature salads and warm bowls. With an outlet, Green Bowl would add the option to customize your own salad from an array of salad ingredients. What is unique about Green Bowl in Nigeria is the availability of calorie-counted menus for each meal, the presence of an in-house nutritionist for meal plans and consultation, specialized catering to those with dietary restrictions, and an emphasis on sustainability in its daily operations. “Switching to a plant-focused diet is not just good for our health but also one of the most impactful things we could do for our environment,” Chinedu adds.

The Green Bowl Franchise

With a successful model in place, Chinedu now has his sights set on franchising the concept. He plans to rapidly build brand presence and recognition by opening up stores in Nigeria’s biggest cities first, followed by satellite cities, and then globally. Chinedu is also exploring a flexible franchising strategy which would involve working with strong and experienced master franchisees in global markets with regional exclusivity and store growth targets, as well as with non-traditional institutional franchisees such as universities, gyms, shopping malls, airports, and hospitals.

Green Bowl is always cooked from the freshest and cleanest ingredientsGreen Bowl is always cooked from the freshest and cleanest ingredients

Chinedu’s vision is to diversify the average diet in Nigeria with healthy, flavorful, and convenient plant-focused options. His love for innovative product development and the creation of good quality food made with fresh ingredients are the driving forces behind Green Bowl. His obsession with customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of the business, from ensuring only the freshest ingredients are served to his continuous engagement with customers to improve Green Bowl’s service. It is this commitment to his customers and his unwavering belief in the value of healthy, plant-focused eating that makes Green Bowl more than just a restaurant—it’s a food revolution.

Written byMariyam Shamshidova

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