Des Morris' Touchmasters: The Immigrant's Game-Changer for American Soccer Parents

May 18, 2023

“Des Morris’ Touchmasters coaching program has been a game-changer for my ‘soccer’ relationship with my daughter. As an avid soccer fan and passionate player, I was surprised when I struggled with teaching my daughter and passing on my love of the beautiful game. Des’s program made learning the basic moves easy and fun for us and I was delighted to see the enthusiasm it unlocked in my daughter. Seeing her face light up as we practiced together and improved our skills was amazing. We have built a special bond over soccer which I hope will last a lifetime. I highly recommend Des’ program to any parent looking to connect with their child and improve his/her soccer skills with a ridiculously clear roadmap. ” - Lief Griffin.

"Everyone wants a shortcut, and Touchmasters is exactly that."“Everyone wants a shortcut, and Touchmasters is exactly that.”

With over 25 years of experience as a renowned coach and ex-pro player, Des Morris has dedicated his life to helping aspiring soccer players master the game. “Soccer is 1. Technical, 2. Tactical, 3. Physical, and 4. Mental (80%),” Morris emphasizes. His unique coaching program, Touchmasters, is built upon a foundation of 131 essential soccer skills that players must master to achieve success on the field.

Morris believes that proficiency in technical skills is the cornerstone of a strong player. This foundation allows players to develop tactical strategies crucial for outsmarting opponents. As these skills become second nature, players can overcome mental fatigue, particularly during the decisive final moments of a match.

Drawing from years of intense practice and observation, Morris honed his skills and crafted his unique coaching style, influenced by his childhood experiences playing on the rough stones of St. Vincent. Exposure to various coaches and techniques, such as the Coerver method, helped Morris create a coaching philosophy that is destined for success when combined with hard work and dedication. Morris now applies this expertise in his coaching program Touchmasters and as a scout for NYCFC.

Des Morris in action, executing his signature acrobatic kickDes Morris in action, executing his signature acrobatic kick

For parents looking to provide their child with the best foundation in soccer, Des Morris’s Touchmasters program is the ultimate opportunity. Under Morris’s guidance, players can learn to think and play ahead of their opponents, mastering the game in a manner that transcends physical ability alone.

Pros and wealthy families often give their children a tremendous edge in soccer by hiring special coaches and using fancy equipment. But why should the benefits of specialized coaching be limited to only the privileged few? What if you could get the same coaching as Brandi Chastain, or Allan Houston, one of Des’s students? With Des Morris’s Backyard Soccer curriculum, any parent can become the coach their child needs for success.

Des Morris with his superstar player Brandi Chastain.Des Morris with his superstar player Brandi Chastain.

Here is a fact: “Children enjoy soccer more when they have mastery and control over the game.” This confidence applies not only to their soccer success but overall character development.

Reflecting on his connection with his son, he wished he was more involved meaningfully: supportive and encouraging while not criticizing him in front of his friends. Parent coaching promotes quality time and an active lifestyle. It allows you to train your kid on some core values, such as patience, understanding, and meaningful conversations between parents and children.

By being involved, you can monitor your child’s progress and create an exciting learning environment paved with consistent positive reinforcements from mastering a skill. By learning from his mistakes as a parent and coach, Des encourages other parents to become the best coach their child could have - right in their own backyard.

At the heart of Des’s teaching style is breaking down skills into manageable components, ensuring that each aspect is taught effectively and progressively. This meticulous approach forms the foundation of Touchmasters Soccer Training , a unique system combining moves and touches designed to elevate each player’s performance.

It’s intended for anyone committed to making the child excel: a parent or a coach. The program includes basic, intermediate, and advanced levels, various types of passing, shooting, tackling, dribbling, acceleration moves, and even unique signature moves of great players. Each skill set offers multiple ways to execute the technique, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the game.

The Touchmasters Soccer Training (TSTS) methodology boasts proven success, as it has been tested and developed on many players. Derived from careful observation and experimentation, the system focuses on the progression of players at all levels. His expertise has guided players like Brandi Chastain and Allan Houston to earn college scholarships and even transition to professional careers.

"I just want kids to be successful," Des shared in his interview“I just want kids to be successful,” Des shared in his interview

You can now equip your child with the mastery they need to advance as a person and a soccer player. This program is the difference between unlocking your child’s full potential and missing out on the chance to give them the foundation they need to succeed. Invest in your child’s soccer future today with Touchmasters.

Des Morris’s Touchmasters program paves the way for the next generation of soccer players and creates a perfect avenue for him to continue sharing his passion in his retirement. By offering an online course, Become the soccer coach your kid deserves in 6 weeks , and franchise , he generates additional income and attracts targeted leads for his coaching business. As he embarks on this new chapter in his career, Morris is ensuring his own future and the development of aspiring soccer players.

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